private propertie(move player out off your area)

easy way to check when a player goes into an area
and makw sure to use your on cords
cmd create portal
cmd edit portal 10 if %args%[4] = \"podzol[1,1,1|100000,256,100000]\" then goto cmd 20
cmd edit portal 11 exit
cmd edit portal 20 # out
cmd edit portal 21 move %p% world x y z or simple use /spawn
cmd edit portal 22 message %p% don't come in or next time you will die

cmd trigger move to \"podzol[1,1,1|100000,256,100000]\" portal
let me know if I'm wrong

if you already have a move to or From then use this at the beginning of you own command

portal1 if %args%[3] = \"from\" then goto 100
2 if %args%[3] = \"to\" then goto 200
3 exit