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Quest Command (with GUI)

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Tree Puncher
Just a few things to know before you start this. Number one, you can customize this however you want, I'm just going to post a template that you can copy, edit in a google doc, and pat into RCON, or just paste into RCON and edit manually. Number two, you can use this for almost any server template/type, and set it up literally however you want, but if you can figure out how to do that, feel free to DM me through Discord (BruhBaby#2655) for help. Number 3, this command will look at a players hand, not their inventory. If they are not holding the item(s) required for that quest (whatever you decide), they will not get the rewards. Lastly, and IMPORTANTLY, you need to have /rmitem already on your server. You can DM me for a link to a document where you can just copy and paste the code into RCON as one big thing, or find the command and add it yourself by searching "RMITEM" in the Leet discord server!

I know these are some drawbacks, but maybe in the future, I can work on a quest command that doesn't need this. However, this way works very well, as long as you balance it correctly, and nothing I show here will require you to have anything but Madcommands enabled.

Also, for items with ID's that have a meta (for example Andesites item id shows "1:5", 1 being the ID, 5 being the Item Meta), you will have to define the ID and the Variant separately (an example is given in the code)!


If you have any questions, DM me, or create a comment!