re introducing myself after 3 1/2 years

Hey, my name is Tyler, or most commonly known as TylerGamesTV (3 years ago) . i had some friends that were exploiters and they used me for bad things against leet because i was young. I was very active in these fourms but now you can find me playing Fortnite or Minecraft PC. if anyone still remembers me please respond, i want those nostalgic memories of creating a leet server and using all my money to get more credits. all I was trying to say is that I was sorry for what i did in the past and I really think leet fourms will be apart of me for the rest of my life because back then they were so active and everyone talked about nonsense . hopefully im posting this in the right place . thanks for reading this stupid message.
your old friend,
~ TylerGamesTV @tyler.mcphersonn on insta