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ScoreBoard Tags/Usage

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Ever wanted a nice HUD for your players? With this plugin you can show literally EVERYTHING on your players screen!

  • /scorehud - Allows players to hide the scoreboard!
  • /scorehudsettings - Allows OPs to modify scoreboards!


By default all players see the "default" scoreboard. You can modify this scoreboard and any other scoreboards you create with /scorehudsettings line Inside the text, you can use any number of tags to display various player and server information by using the {tag_name} format. For example to show player's money on line 3 of the default scoreboard, you would do /scorehudsettings line default 3 Money: {economy.money}

Available Scoreboard Tags:
{core.name} - Player name

{core.real_name} - Player name

{core.display_name} - Player display name

{core.online} - Number of currently online players

{core.max_online} - Maximum number of online players

{core.item_name} - Currently held item name

{core.item_id} - Currently held item id

{core.item_meta} - Currently held item meta

{core.item_count} - Currently held item count

{core.x} - Player X coordinate

{core.y} - Player Y coordinate

{core.z} - Player Z coordinate

{core.level_name} - Player world name

{core.world_name} - Player world name

{core.ip} - Player IP

{core.ping} - Player ping

{core.health} - Player health

{core.max_health} - Player max health

{core.xp_level} - Player XP level

{core.xp_progress} - Player XP progress ( 0 - 1 )

{core.xp_remainder} - Player XP remaining

{core.xp_current_total} - Player XP total

{core.world_player_count} - Current number of players in player world

{core.load} - Server load

{core.tps} - Server tps

{core.time} - Server time

{core.date} - Server date {pp.rank} - PurePerms rank

{pp.prefix} - PurePerms prefix

{pp.suffix} - PurePerms suffix

{factions.name} - Player faction name

{economy.money} - Player money

{combat.cooldown} - Combat logger cooldown

{mad.player.%tag%} - Set with Madcommands pscoretag command

{mad.server.%tag%} - Set with Madcommands sscoretag command
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