Minigames Server announcement

There will be a new Minecraft server

The server will have multiple worlds
Mini games
Buildings and exploration
And much more

The server will work on hiring staff
In the server each person will have their own world

The lobby will use a lobby map available from the leet app, and multiple things will be built in different worlds.

Along with the provided maps, the server will also have its own original maps built.

Worlds used
The standard map will be used for survival
Cave will be used for ore mining and probably more things
The rest of the maps will be used by other staff, who want to use it.

The server is planned to have different worlds
With survival factions, mini games, parkour, pvp, dropper, prison, and more.

Why should you join?
The server staff will make sure that the server is fun, and will make sure to help players.

In this server each staff member can have their own world, where they can put what they want
Mini games, pvp etc
If the staff wants a map that isn’t available and has to be bought for credits, they’ll need to donate.

To apply for staff you will need to private message me with this format answered

Are you a good builder:
Are you good with commands:
Are you good with communicating with players:
What other servers are you staff on:
What would you do to improve the server:

Please donate $0.99 cents for 300 credits for the server

Server IP is