Bug Server Broken?

Hello, I'm sorry to bother anyone, but there is a problem with my server that has been ongoing for a couple of weeks now, that being, I cannot connect to it, because in the leet app, where I manage the server, it says it is offline.

I have made sure it was on the correct version, I still have 500 credits, I have rolled back, repaired everything, turned off anything that was ever enabled, and I still cannot access my server.

Whenever I hit the button that supposedly turns my server, and it says "online", I leave the app to check. Yet, when I come back into the app, it says "offline" again.

I have even tried making a temporary, alternate server and I still meet the same issue, PLUS an error message that says "failed to communicate with server".

And no, my internet connection is fine, I've already checked that as well.

I have filed a support ticket yet the email I've gotten was of no help

I have even went to the Leet Twitter and Discord, however I could not find anyone that could help me.

I've exhausted all the options I could think of. Can someone please help me?

IP: a53609.leet.cc
PORT: 53609