Server impossible to turn on


I have been a LEET server owner for more than 4 years and I am currently facing a rather annoying problem.

It has been 2 months since the problem has been present, several of leet server owners have had the server problem that kept switching between online and offline at the beginning of July. And now our servers don't even want to start anymore, either from the application or the site. The server remains marked as "Offline" just after switching it on. We have to wait for an undetermined amount of hours or days before the server can be turned on again. And we don't even know how long we'll be able to enjoy the server before it happens again each time.

Thus, my server has been offline for 16 days now, and it continues to lose credits (even with 2 slots we lose a little bit). I tried to rollback, repair and turn off plugins without success.

I don't know how many of us have this problem, but I have seen other people have this problem, whether on this discord or outside. I hope that a solution will soon be found to allow us to enjoy our servers again.

Thank you for reading my message.


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For future reference, please include the server information In the thread so we can look at the problem faster.

I've forwarded the issue to @Spajk, don't expect a fast response but I'll be pushing for the issue to be fixed.

For others having the same issue, it would help if you also add your server IP address and a few details.
Hello and thank you for your answer, I apologize for forgetting the information about the server. I can't get my main message edited so I put them here.

Server IP: (
Port: 41177
Platforms tested: Android Application / Web Panel

I will try to find people with this problem and ask them to send information about their server as well.
Same here. Rollbacks dont actually do anything. I cant op myself or anyone else. Now i am unable to connect to the world. is my ip. Ive had these issues with bedrock for weeks and have filed 3 different tickets.