Server Problems

Hello, sorry to bother anyone but, I cannot turn on/connect to my server for the life of me.

I have made sure it was on the correct version, I still have 2000 credits, I have rolled back, repaired everything, turned off anything that was ever enabled, and I still cannot access my server.

Whenever I hit the button that supposedly turns my server, and it says "online", I leave the app to check. Yet, when I come back into the app, it says "offline" again.

I've done everything possible so here I am.

This is a recurring problem and I dont know why it happens and its honestly annoying. At any given, the thing just shuts down for an indeterminate amount of time till it's back up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Port: 53609


Tree Puncher
J'ai eu se problème il y a quelque semaines et jai réussie à le réparer en fessant un rollback de la maps de quelque jours, je ne sais pas si sa va marcher pour vous mes vous pouvez toujours essayer. (Je ne fais pas partie su staff)


Staff member
Community Team
We have restored servers. Please try to turn your server online now. Please let us know if you have any issues turning your server online.