Sky block

In-game place a sign and write
line 1: [WORLD]
line 2: skyblock
to teleport to the skyblock world!

after that do /skyblock admin override so you can interact with the world!
create a spawn island and set spawn

then create the island that players will spawn on, make sure there is a chest on it with starter items that are important for skyblock.
to put the spawning area that the players will spawn in when they create their island you have to put a sign and write on it:
line 1: [spawn]
then set two corners each side to cover the whole island and type /skyblock admin setisland and break the two corners!

you are all set !!

sky block commands:

/skyblock island create to create an island
/skyblock island delete to delete your island
/skyblock island tp to teleport to your island
/skyblock island addfriend {name} to add a friend to your island
/skyblock island delfriend {name} to remove a friend from your island

watch the tutorial video on @DaynaC 's Youtube channel