Skyblock and the future


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Hello there, as some of you know, we have been working on the Skyblock gamemode. I want to shed some light on it and discuss the stuff that comes after it.

Skyblock has been in the works for the last 2 weeks and this is what's already done and what can be expected.

Complete features:
  • 'Plot' allocation for players inside the skyblock world - Players will be able to use the /skyblock island create command to allocate a new spot on the map and get the starting island.
  • Each plot is 8x8 chunks ( 128x128 blocks ).
  • Player's areas are distributed from the center of the map outward in a circle-y fashion.
  • Template system for starting islands - You as the server owner can design your own starting island.
Left to do features:
  • Area protection - only the island owner can break, place and interact with blocks and items inside their area
  • Friend system - you can add other players to your island
  • Home system - you can specify the position island your area that's considered as home - /skyblock island tp will teleport to it
  • Challenges*
* Challenges will be released after the initial release as right now I can't think of a nice way to make them configurable by server owners.

Please post a comment here with any other feature that I may have missed.

After Skyblock is done, I'd like to work on more custom world generation plugins. The 2 ideas I have are skygrid and skylands.

Skygrid is a world in which blocks are spaced 3 air blocks from each other - creating a sort of a grid.


Skylands is a world with randomly generated islands in the sky - think of it as a normal world but as sky islands.


Skygrid with skyblock
If I make skygrid, another option, if you have both the skyblock and skygrid plugin would be to combine the two in a single world. Skyblock islands would be on the top, while skygrid would be at the bottom of the map. A sort of gameplay where players would need to descend into the skygrid below to mine resources for their island.

I'd like your opinion on these ideas. And opinions are best expressed thru polls, so here we go:
I guess people are allow to,post here since I wasn’t sure if I should post or not... anyway, yesss finally can’t wait for skyblock to be release :)


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Your suggestion really wasn't about skyblock..
Maybe a sign that when you set it up like this it lets people visit:
Line 1: [Home]
Line 2: Description of my island
Line 3: description continued

And when they type /visit it will open a GUI with the player's heads to resemble the island and when they click on the head they go to another GUI that shows the description of the island and two buttons that say: [Cancel] and [Teleport]

Don't need to suggest a shop because we have Admin Chests and Action Signs for that. : )