Slapper Tutorial 1.5.0


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Slapper Tutorial by BlackDeadSkulll :cool:

<> means required, [] means optional

basic commands:
- help: /slapper help
- Description: Show the help page from slapper
- spawn: /slapper spawn <type> [name]
- Description: Create a Slapper NPC!
- edit: /slapper edit <id> [args...]
- Description: edit an existing slapper NPC!
- id: /slapper id
- Description: view the entity ID
- remove: /slapper remove [id]
- Description: removes a slapper NPC
- version: /slapper version
- Description: Shows the version of the plugin. Current 1.5.0 by jojoe77777
- cancel: /slapper cancel
- Description: If you do not want to remove the slapper.

/slapper edit
helmet: /slapper edit <eid> helmet <id>
chestplate: /slapper edit <eid> chestplate <id>
leggings: /slapper edit <eid> leggings <id>
boots: /slapper edit <eid> boots <id>
skin: /slapper edit <eid> skin
name: /slapper edit <eid> name <name>
addcommand: /slapper edit <eid> addcommand <command>
delcommand: /slapper edit <eid> delcommand <command>
listcommands: /slapper edit <eid> listcommands
blockid: /slapper edit <eid> block <id[:meta]>
scale: /slapper edit <eid> scale <size>
tphere: /slapper edit <eid> tphere
tpto: /slapper edit <eid> tpto
menuname: /slapper edit <eid> menuname <name/remove>
<eid> = entity id

extra commands:
- rca: /rca <player> <command>
- Description: Execute a command as someone else!
- nothing: /nothing
- Description: Do nothing!

    description: Allow using all Slapper commands
    default: op
        description: Allow using /slapper
        default: op
        description: Allow using command /slapper create
        default: op
        description: Allow editing Slapper entity data with /slapper edit
        default: op
        description: Allow doing nothing
        default: op
        description: Allow running commands as other players
        default: op
        description: Allow removing Slapper entities with /slapper remove [id]
        default: op
        description: Allow viewing entity ID
        default: op
        description: Allow viewing Slapper help page
        default: op
slapper edit

entitie list:

Chicken, Pig, Sheep, Cow,
MushroomCow, Wolf, Enderman, Spider,
Skeleton, PigZombie, Creeper, Slime,
Silverfish, Villager, Zombie, Human,
Bat, CaveSpider, LavaSlime, Ghast,
Ocelot, Blaze, ZombieVillager, Snowman,
Minecart, FallingSand, Boat, PrimedTNT,
Horse, Donkey, Mule, SkeletonHorse,
ZombieHorse, Witch, Rabbit, Stray,
Husk, WitherSkeleton, IronGolem, Snowman,
LavaSlime, Squid, ElderGuardian, Endermite,
Evoker, Guardian, PolarBear, Shulker,
Vex, Vindicator, Wither, Llama

First of all let's create a Human slapper.

type in chat /slapper spawn human This is my name lol

this will spawn your skin with the name This is my name lol

let's add a command to warp the player to a location

you will see that you have received an ID in the chat
if you don't know the id do /slapper id and hit the slapper.

then you need to add rca {player}, this will execute a command as the player

/slapper edit <id> addcommand rca {player} warp mylocation

then if you hit the slapper you will warp the player to that location.

If you have done something wrong do
/slapper edit <id> listcommands

this will show the list of commands that have been added to the slapper it will be numbered from 1 to x

if you have added a rca {player} warp mylocation
it will show as
1. rca {player} warp mylocation

so let's remove it by typing
/slapper edit <id> delcommand 1

if you are warring armor the npc will also have it on.

but you also can add armor with

helmet: /slapper edit <eid> helmet <id>
chestplate: /slapper edit <eid> chestplate <id>
leggings: /slapper edit <eid> leggings <id>
boots: /slapper edit <eid> boots <id>
eid = the id from the slapper

play with the size of the slapper.
this will change how big the slapper is.

/slapper edit <eid> scale 0.5
will make the slapper small

/slapper edit <eid> scale 3
will make the slapper big again =p

This shows the npc name on the pause screen.

/slapper edit menuname <eid> name you want.

/slapper edit menuname <eid> remove

will remove the text. you need to relog to check

Special things
{name}, {display_name} returns the name from the person who sees the slapper
{nametag} returns the tag of the user
{color} it's just like a § but longer. : {color}1 returns blue
/slapper create human {nametag} || {display_name} || {name}

Special Entities
FallingSand, PrimedTNT, Boat, Minecart

Fallingsand will create a fake block. You can change this block
/slapper edit <eid> block <id>

PrimedTNT will show a tntblock. however, this entity will not be seen as a block, so you cannot use /slapper edit <eid> block <id>

Boat makes a boat lol XD
You cannot walk through this boat but you can stand on it

Minecart is the same as a boat, but you can walk through it

if you want to remove the slapper do

/slapper remove <id>
or do

/slapper remove
and then hit the slapper
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