Slappers [tutorial]

the slapper you create can be any mob or it can be you!

first get the skin the slapper you want to create to have and stand where you want the slapper, do /slapper create player {slapper-name}
now if you want to make it do something when you slap it, do /slapper id and tap the slapper
You will get the ID

now do /slapper edit {slapper-id} addcommand {the command you want it to execute when tapped}

Example: /slapper create player test
/slapper id test
>id: 1
/slapper edit 1 addcommand say Hello!

if you want the slapper to execute the command as the player who taps it, just add "rca" after "addcommand"
example: /slapper edit 1 addcommand rca warp {player} [warp-name]

write "{player}" to execute it as the player who tapped it

You can spawn other slappers than player form, just choose any mob!

example: /slapper create cow {slapper-name}
and you do the same to add a command to it!

thats the basics! if you need help with anything else related to this, comment on this thread and i will reply! :D