Misc/Other StreetSmarts MC

StreetSmarts is a server for everyone to just have fun.
The name is weird, I know. It just comes from one of my favorite John Mulaney bits and I decided to name my discord and eventually my minecraft server that.
We have new builds every day!
We also host events regularly.
We have plots, but they aren't ready quite yet.

Come join us!
IP: streetsmarts.pocket.pe
PORT: 9987
|🇺🇲| Good evening, I also have a leet server with 18 plugins but slowly I will take all to poibabilitare someone and someone nope... The next will be RCON!! Anyway I came in and it seems quite fun and a nice project, how about collaborating?

Although in the server in my opinion there are many useless warps especially if you want to make a public server for good but if I gave you my ideas it would be the same as mine therefore respect as it is structured... How many plugins do you have and when will you finish spawn * - *?