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Okay so first off, I put this in Discussion instead of Tutorials because I figured it wasn’t really an actual tutorial.

So lately there have been many threads asking for support, but many could have been improved to provide more information to our support staff.

The first thing you should do when you want support is file a support ticket at This is our official help desk support where you will receive support with your server from our support staff.
Many people will decide to also create a thread on the forums, but I assure you that this is not necessary. You might get slightly faster support from the community, but a lot of that support will be inaccurate and people will urge you to do things (such as resetting your map) that aren’t necessary, so if it were up to me, I would just stick to the help desk, and staff will redirect you to anyways.
Either way, whether you decide to just file a support ticket or to also create a thread here on the forums, there is some information that you should include in your ticket/thread that will tremendously help the support staff what exactly your issue is.
First off, provide your server’s IP address and port.
Next, describe your issue in detail (what exactly is happening, if it’s happening only in certain situations, etc).
You should also figure out whether this issue happens only to you or to everyone. If it happens only to you, that means it is an issue on your end, but we can still try to help. Otherwise, it is a server-side issue, which is our support staff’s speciality :) If it happens only to you, does the issue happen on other servers as well?
Then, list what you have tried to do to fix your issue. The first thing you should do before contacting support is restarting your server. If it’s an issue with a plugin, have you tried turning the plugin off and back on (you don’t have to do this before filing a support ticket, as depending on the plugin, it might reset that plugin’s data. However, if it is a plugin without lots of data, you should try to turn it off and on.)
If it is an issue with your server, try to narrow down which plugin(s) is/are causing the issue, or if you don’t believe it is an issue with a plugin.

Here’s a general template as to what a helpful and descriptive support request should look like, whether on the help desk or the forums (you can use this if you want, but it’s just a general guide).

Server IP/port:

Describe your issue in detail:

Is this happening to you or to everyone? If it is happening to you, does it happen on all server or just on yours?

What have you tried to fix your problem?

What is your best guess as to what might be causing the issue? If you suspect a plugin is causing problems to your server, have you been able to narrow down which plugin you believe is causing the issue?
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