Bug this is so fustrating

so many commands on my server don't work. when i perform the command they crash, it says Internal Server Error or something. The commands are NPC, WorldEdit and /area it's so annoying because they are important plugins for me. I tried 'repairing' it by resetting all plugins in the help tab in the app. I have turned these plugins on and off still no use and i've restarted the server by turning it on and off. There are probably loads more commands / plugins that don't work i just haven't figured them out yet. Please help and I don't want to lose my map's progress i don't wanna rollback or reset it completely :c


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Support Team
Currently, NPC/World Edit and /area has some issues that will either cause a internal server error or crash your server. However, our team is aware of this and are working towards a full resolution. I appreciate your patience.