Minigames TrainMazeLand


MadCommands Dev
After some time, TrainMazeLand is going back to live again!
Actually, the first four mazes are now fully functional and better than ever before, powered by MadCommands.
Are you able the beat the current best scoring players?

Port: 53821
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MadCommands Dev
And the latest addition - The Twins - maze for 2 players.
This maze has 2 towers, each one built as a vertical maze.
2 players have to play concurrently, one in each tower.
Time limit is 10 minutes and the game is won when both players have reached the target in the middle of the glass bridge connecting the two towers.



MadCommands Dev
Today we finished another minigame - original Czech, inspired by the fairy tales of Little Mole.
The game is a race of 2 to 4 players, who have to dig a tunnel through dirt and get to the top of the molehill.
The first 3 players to finish are automatically rewarded and teleported medal podium for picture taking.



Tree Puncher
Amazing server, but I feel kinda bad for you since the playerbase of MCPE have decreased drastically over the past few years~very few get to play on your server. I come in once or twice in 6 months to check out leet and its community. :) Goodluck anyway!