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Tree Puncher

Autobroadcast is a plugin that will allow you to schedule messages on your server. Before we begin you can type ‘/broadcast’ or ‘/bc’ which is the shortcut for the broadcast command.

  • PurePerms Name: AutoBroadcastPE
  • Cost: 1999 Credits
  • Developed By: Vaivez66
  • /broadcast <add | delete | list> : Main command for AutoBroadcast
  • /bc add <message> : Adds a message to broadcast
  • /bc delete <number> : Removes a broadcast message
  • /bc list : View the list of current broadcasted messages


  • You can broadcast unlimited messages
  • You can type coloured messages
  • Display messages at your own interval

How to add a new message

  1. First type ‘/bc add’
  2. Secondly, type the message you want to have displayed in chat. No need to type ‘/bc add’ again.
  3. Finally, enter the time you want this message to appear in the player’s chat. Keep in mind that the amount is in seconds.


  1. I type ‘/bc add’
  2. I now type my message. “This is a test message”
  3. I now type the number of seconds. For this example, I’ll type 60.
  4. Now my message “This is a test message” will be displayed every 60 seconds on everyone’s chat in your server.

How to remove a message

  1. First we want to find the message we want to delete. We will type ‘/bc list’.
  2. Now we want to find the message we want to remove from the broadcast. You will find a number beside the broadcast.
  3. Once I’ve found the number I will type ‘/bc delete 1’. This will delete broadcast message #1.

If you have any questions about AutoBroadcast please post them here. If you wish to receive support from the LEET Support Team head over to https://leethelp.desk.com