TV-like video news - how do you like it?

What do you like/dislike?

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MadCommands Dev
I have just published first video news from my server.
I am wondering how people will like this concept inspired by regular TV News broadcast.
Please share your opinion.



Hi madhon, at the video I saw a Slack2Leet that delivers the messages from slack to the server.My Question is will that be in public?


MadCommands Dev
Not sure, it's a bit complicated. My implementation uses an intermediate PHP script that queues the messages in a MySQL database, then on the server MadCommands procedure calls another script to retrieve the whatever message is waiting in the queue. I also have a relatively uneasy way of preventing the thing from overloading the server. If I make it public, I will have to explain it very well and I do not currently have enough time to do that.