Suggestion Un-Bannable Players


Tree Puncher
I have an idea for a plugin, though I'm not sure if it could be done.

Basically, you could activate said plugin and add players to a list that prevents their username and/or their IP from being banned. This could be useful in circumstances of a rogue staff member or potential hackers from banning the owner(s) of the server.

Again, I don't know if this could work, but it was just an idea I had..


Tree Puncher
Let me just understand what you mean.
You mean a plugin that doesn't allow OP's or trusted players to be banned, unless by a specific user? If so, I have seen something like this around.

Great suggestion though!


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You could use MadCommands. Something like:
If %args%[1] = “ /“TheDeibo\” then message %p% you can not ban this user.