Unban items

I was just wondering, does the unban items plugin unban all items like elytra and items that arent in the creative inventory} (also are there command blocks?)


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Welcome @ClappedGary to the LEET forums!

Unban Items unbans stuff that are in the Creative inventory but they can't be used because they're "banned".
List includes Lava Buckets, Watet Buckets, TNT, Compass, Flint & steel....
Following items are banned by default, because using them excessively may cause Server Reset.

But, Elytra and Command Blocks are not on the ban list, so they can be used normally.


/give (player) Elytra

Command Block:

it doesn't work, acts as normal block

/give (player) 137


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You mean some items aren't on the inventory of the server?

that's a PMMP issue, not a leet one, but you can get many of them via /give, just search for their Item ID, and do /give (player) (item id)