Denied UnboundIvy’s Moderator Application

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First Name: Tyler

Motivation: I really love helping people out and announcing that something is new and better, every time I help someone out I feel special, because it warms me.

Previous Experiences: have had experiences on other Minecraft servers/Discord servers. Most of them take me as a good person/player and staff.

What is your experience with LEET: I had been Using LEET for about 3 years, I say it’s a really good host and I will never forgot how Leet made me a better person.

Do you know how to use Slack: Yes, I use slack but I’m kind of new to Slack so I’m going to be taking a few days trying to understand it.

Do you know how to use discord: Yes, I very much know how to use discord. I’m active on it about 5 hours or more a day.

What do you think should improve LEET: I think if leet has a thing in the app that Lets you know if players are online and who is online.

Real Age: 14

Thank you for reading my apply I hope you think how much you guys really helped me, so I want to help you guys back too!


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Department Head
Community Moderator
Hi. Unfortunately you are just below the age which our department has set.
Also you haven’t really posted enough to be easily identifiable as a community member.

Right now, this is a denied application.

Thanks for applying though.
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