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Today i will be teaching you how to copy and paste buildings (or any other creations) correctly without any errors!

So lets get started!

Plugins needed : World Edit

Step one : making the selection of the position of the building you want to copy

Now go to the building you want to copy.....and go to a corner of the building and fly up a little bit higher than the highest block of the building and type //1 (you may use //wand) then stand on the ground on the opposite corner of the building and type //2 (you may use //wand)

Important note : //1 should always be in the air and //2 should always be in the ground preferably under the build(same goes when using //wand, your first selection should be in the air, and the second one in the ground preferably under the build)......also you should always do it in order if you don’t want to get confused, //1 in the air first then //2 in the ground second..... NEVER do it the opposite way or you will mess the whole thing up.

Step Two : Copying

Now you should run the command to copy the selection you previously this is where most people go wrong, so pay attention.

Now many people do this //copy <name> and that is completely WRONG and it wont work......what you want to do is this //copy <name> g the g is VERY important

Step Three : pasting

Here is another place where people usually go wrong (which might lead up to nothing being pasted or the pasted building damaging other buildings).

Now what you want to do is go to an empty space away from any buildings....this is to make sure you don't accidentally paste your building on another building which will cause it to get ruined.

Once you find an empty space that you think is enough not to destroy any building then stand on the ground, and type the command //paste <the name you did on the copy command> g and again, dont forget the g

And bam! If you did all the previous steps correctly, you should get your building pasted properly without any damage or errors.....but if not, then you definitely did something wrong. And in that case I suggest you rollback and start the copy/paste process all over but with more care :)


Resources: there aren't any resources here, its all just me experimenting and discovering new stuff! :)
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