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    Added MCPE 1.16.220 version and fixed crashes for multiple plugins. You can view the full changelist here.
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New profile posts

Just living life as it is intended to be lived; my own way!

Check out my 2 day old server!
Server Address is : Cheesycraft.pocket.pe | and port is: 52984
can I be custone instead of Xcustone :/
when we forget leet auth and have to add an X :D
If I can't be HBIDamian instead of thedeibo, You can't get rid of that X. So No, sorry.
What does LEET Stand for? Let's talk about that:
Large elevators elevate Trucks
Beetree - ree - B + L = LEET
my theory: beetree lost a bet so he created the name "beet" referring to bet (probably a typo), and ree referring to his angriness, he had to make a company for losing the bet so he called it Beet, then swapped the B with L referring to Lost because he lost the bet, and LEET it was.
but thats just a theory, a LEET theory.
is thedeibo and HBIDamain two different people or the same person? i guess we will never know.
Either one of them is not the other person of which they are the person. In short, who knows?!
That moment when a post slips through the moderation cracks a year ago, then someone comments on it, allowing me to moderate the original post.
I need my account deleted and unlinked from my xbox account Parable Ink please. I think putting a ! Made it so I can't join servers. I'd like it if you could unlink my email as well, thank you.
This is not a LEET related issue. Contact Mojang regarding your username.

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