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I really need a leet staffs help, my server for no apparent reason has just completely died, I have repaired everything but the app wont let it stay on and I don’t know what to do, and yes I have plenty of credits, 3k to be precise.
*Swedish accent* Hey! I am making tycoon mini-game from rObL0x in my server, it's very cool! Might release it after few months :)
How to show position or coordinate?
There are many ways to see your coordinates:
1.) With MadCommands, creating a simple command with on it's first line "message %p% %x% %y% %z%"
2.) With WorldEdit, by doing //1 or //2
3.) With the superbar, settings it's format to something that includes coordinates
4.) By setting the worldspawn to that point (not recommended, but you can do it if you don't have the right plugin)
No longer is bedwars and skywars a joke among madcommanders - it's possible - and I've done it. Feel free to take a look at my latest posts to the #madcommands section of the forums, or the top pin in the LEET official discord!!
Salt is just angry sugar, prove me wrong :3
Hello, would you happen to have a GUI code with 7 response lines without all already used words
what do u mean
can u messgage me on discord