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The best welsh song at #1 on UK Itunes "A bydd yr iaith Gymraeg yn fyw! Ry'n ni yma o hyd, Ry'n ni yma o hyd... "
Hi Spajk, I know you're the best here ... I'm new to these Mine servers and my world is not born passive or aggressive moobs even though everything is activated to be born, can you help me?
Hi, mobs and most of vanilla features aren't supported in the main Leet app and probably never will be. Mobs and all other vanilla features are available in our Leet Classic app that uses the official Mojang server. Unfortunately, this means that it can't have any plugins/mods.

The Leet Classic app is available only on Android:
Its been a few days, my server still cant be turned on... It appears online on leet app, but its "offline" on MCBE.
It is a pleasure to finally be able to return to the forums and attempt to socialize with the LEET community. I hope to be able to make many lasting discussions and perhaps attempt to make friends while I have returned to the forums.