Hello! As you guys have probably guess from the title of this post, We will be bringing back the BETA testing system for a little while, Though it will be coming back there will be some changes, These changes will consist of a few requirements, restrictions and warnings which I will list below:


  • You MUST provide feedback on the plugins.
  • You MUST actually use and test the plugins.
  • You MUST be in a LEET official discord or slack so that we can directly contact you.
  • You MUST have a somewhat active server with players online for testing
  • We will only accept 5 servers into the BETA test. (We may extend it to 10 or more at a later date)


  • You may NOT share information regarding these plugins.

NOTICE: Failure to follow these requirements and restrictions will result in removal from the BETA program.


  • These plugins may be laggy, unstable, cause crashes or cause corruption, By testing these plugins you understand this risk and know that we may not be able to revert all issues caused by this test.
  • These plugins may or may not get released.
  • You will NOT get these plugins for free after testing ends.
  • We may add, remove and modify these plugins at any time without warning.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, Let get into the fun stuff. Below I will list the plugins planned to be in the BETA test. All of them may not be available or may not get added to testing, This is just a planned list.

Current Plugins/Tests:

  • TeaSpoon (Adds tons of vanilla features that pocketmine lacks, such as XP, Weather, Portals, Potions, Enchantments, etc)

Planned Plugins/Tests:

  • PureEntitiesX (This will add basic mob support as well as MobAI, Expect lag from this)
  • Server/backup compression tests
  • Chunk related tests

There we go, We now have the plugins out of the way, Now for the part that you guys want to know, How to enter the BETA test!

In order to join the BETA test, You must meet all of the requirements listed at the top of this thread, In addition to those, There will also have to be available slots in the BETA test. If you fulfill the requirements and there are available slots, You may message me (MrCakeSlayer) in order to apply. This does NOT guarantee that you will be added.