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First Name
My name is Jay.

My Country
I live in England.

My Native Language
I was born speaking English.

Other Languages
I fluently speak Spanish.

Ever since I joined LEET i’ve been addicted, everyday I check thr forums and discord at least 5 times. I always try my best to impress and improve. Not only in LEET, I like to make people smile and make people happy. I would feel pleasured to help LEET, and make it an even better place!

My Experiences
I have played MCPE for around 2 years, and minecraft for 3 years. Most people stopped playing it, not me, I discovered LEET which made me never stop playing mc when I was on the verge!

How Long Have i Used LEET
I have been using the actual LEET app for around 3 months, before that I had over 10 servers where I only spent around £10 on each, I wasn’t too sure what LEET was, Now i’m lucky I dug deeper.

LEET Experience
I have been on the forums helping people a while now, and the discord. I am pretty experienced in every single plugin, I know every command ever on LEET. I could make tutorials for each and every one, because I love them!

Pocketmine Experience
I have never used a direct pocketmine server although I’ve used websites which host on pm. I don’t ever code plugins but I could, Plus I edit them all the time to modify and make it more custom, not anymore though.

Plugin Experience
I know every single LEET plugin like the back of my hand, I know every command and most permissions.

Support/Customer Service Experience
I have never worked officialy as a support team or any sort of customer support although I’ve been a waiter and I guess that’s sort of.

Do You Know Slack
Yes, I am actually very experienced with slack, it’s one of my favourite apps ^~^

LEET Improvements
I think we should add a send credits system, but there is a 70c fee for no abuse purposes, other than that, LEET is fantastic as it is!

My current email is [email protected]

As i’m writing this, I am an age of 15.

What would you suggest if someone tells you the server shows up as online in the app, but offline in MCPE
First of all, I would ask for screenshots, if they are correct, I will ask them to restart their server if possible or ask if they have made any recent plugin purchases if so, to disable it, if not I would direct them to support.leet.cc

What would you do in the situation of a server constantly crashing issue?
Immeditatley ask for proof, if so either direct them to spajk or the development team or support.leet.cc and try to resolve it!

A customer is requesting a refund simply because they don’t like the plugin. What would be your response?
I’m afraid we cannot do this, simply it costs too much for us, if you’d like to disable it please visit the plugins tab within the app and disable it. Incase you change your mind here is that plugins tutorial --> Insert tutorial link here ;3

LEET gets a ton of applications. Tell us something about you that makes you exceptionally good
I am always online, anyone may feel free to dm/pm even personal problems, I’m always calm, I love to help in mosy aspects, I treat everybody with all due respect and not only do I deal with LEET plugins, I help wither personal issues as i stated above.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them
SHAKESPEARE "1582-1616"

CEO/Owner Of You
(MadComamnds Nerd)

11 days, no response @Department-Heads ?

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them
SHAKESPEARE "1582-1616"

CEO/Owner Of You
(MadComamnds Nerd)

@lordjay Please be patient, we’ll get back to as you soon as possible.

Hey, @LordJay

Unfortunately, we have decided to deny this application. However, this doesn’t mean your not allowed to apply anymore, by 2 months+ you can ask one of the managers or the supervisors to reapply. Thank you and have a beautiful day!

LEET Supervisor!

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!
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