Community Team Application


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Dual Manager
Hey there!

How to apply?
To apply follow these steps:
  • Create a new thread in the staff application forum
  • Enter the following information in the thread:

First name:
Motivation (why do you want to be a community moderator on LEET?):
Previous experiences:
What is your experience with LEET:
Do you know how to use Slack:
Do you know how to use Discord:
What do you think should improve to LEET:
Real age:*

This role of "Community Team" moderates both "LEET Community Discord" and the forum.
You may be prompted to answer more questions to test your performance as a staff member. Be prepared and be actively checking your application for a response from our lead forum moderator.
Additionally, you must be 15+ in order to apply for community moderator. No exceptions will be made. You will also need to be active as a community moderator. Failing to meet any of this criteria will result in a denial of your application/removal from the team.
Thank you.