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Effect IDs

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Usage: /effect <player> <id> <time in seconds> <amplifier> True/False (True will hide particles)

ID Effect Description
1 Speed Increases Walking Speed
2 Slowness Decreases Walking Speed
3 Haste Increases Mining/Attack Speed
4 Mining Fatigue Decreases Mining/Attack Speed
5 Strength Increases Hit Damage
6 Instant Health Instantly Heals Player
7 Instant Damage Instantly Hurts Player
8 Jump Boost Gives Player SuperJump Powers!
9 Nausea Blurs/Shakes Screen
10 Regeneration Slowly Regenerates Health
11 Resistance Reduces Damage Taken
12 Fire Resistance Makes Player Resistant to Fire/Lava/Magma
13 Water Breathing You Can Breathe Underwater!
14 Invisibility Makes You Invisible
15 Blindness Blinds Player
16 Night Vision Gives You Bright vision In dark areas
17 Hunger Makes you hungry
18 Weakness Reduces Damage Inflicted
19 Poison Poisons Player Until Half Heart
20 Wither Same As Poison, but can kill you
21 Health Boost Gives You Extra Health
22 Absorption Absorbs Damage, Gives Temporary Health
23 Saturation Restores Hunger Faster
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