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  • Minecraft 1.16.220 Update + Bug/Crash Fixes
    Added MCPE 1.16.220 version and fixed crashes for multiple plugins. You can view the full changelist here.
  • Forum Updates - 4/11/2021
    Various changes have been made to the forums and a few categories. You can view the full changelist here.

Forum Update Forum Updates - 4/11/2021

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Staff Member
  • Added new "Forum Update" thread prefix
  • Updated "Closed/Finished" sub-forum to only be viewable by Department Heads
  • Locked Support category + added post directing users to Discord
  • Created "Suggestions & Bug Reports" category
    • Moved all existing threads from "Discussion"
    • Updated threads to require the use of either "Bug" or "Suggestion" tags
  • Require moderation approval for new threads in "Community Servers"
  • Updated "Community Servers" to only show threads that have been updated in the last year
    • Override this using the "Filters" dropdown menu
  • Updated user title ladder to use likes instead of messages
    • Dropped requirement amount to accommodate this change
    • View more information about user titles here.
Edit - 4/12/2021:
  • Add Minecraft block smilies: :mc_103-0::mc_213-0::mc_46-0::mc_116-0::mc_397-4::mc_410-0::mc_138-0::mc_369-0::mc_354-0::mc_278-0: (and more :) )
  • Updated double posts so they auto-merge now
  • Added special dividers for sticky and normal threads
Edit - 4/29/2021:
  • Merged "Event" and "Plugin" announcement categories into "General Announcements"
Not open for further replies.

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