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  • Minecraft 1.16.220 Update + Bug/Crash Fixes
    Added MCPE 1.16.220 version and fixed crashes for multiple plugins. You can view the full changelist here.
  • Forum Updates - 4/11/2021
    Various changes have been made to the forums and a few categories. You can view the full changelist here.

Update General Plugin Updates/Fixes (4/30/2021 - 5/13/2021)

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Community Discord
We actively post bug fixes on our community discord daily. If you want to stay up to date on the latest stuff, you can join it here: https://link.leet.cc/discord

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed unreported crash relating to AFK kick
  • Fixed crash when hitting player shields that are in the offhand slot
  • Added missing pig step music disc
  • Fishing rods now properly disconnect if you switch to another item slot while using it
  • "Fireworks" plugin should now be compatible to run at the same time as "Misc. Vanilla Features" (though there's no reason to do this as "Misc. Vanilla Features" already unlocks fireworks)
  • Hoppers, Observers, Sticky Pistons and Pistons can now all be broken in survival mode
  • Droppers now drop items in the correct direction (and not 1 block too far away)
  • Boats can no longer be placed in an area with the "interaction" flag denied.
  • Fixed emotes causing crashes
  • Fixed linking/unlinking players to boats (fixes unable to break blocks or do certain actions)
  • Boats are now broken instantly in creative mode

Plugin Changes
  • Misc. Vanilla Features
    • Blocks:
      • Chorus Flower
      • Chorus Plant
      • Magma Block
    • Items:
      • Added banner patterns
      • Crossbow
      • Fishing Rod
      • Honey comb
      • Honey bottle
      • Maps [Non-functional]
      • Saddle
      • Suspicious Stew
      • Turtle Helmet
      • Lead
      • Horse Armor [All tiers]
      • Boats
    • Enchantments:
      • Split enchantments to their correct plugins (previously all enchant abilities were only functional while using the Misc. Vanilla Features Plugin)
        • Misc. Vanilla Features now handles enchantments related to tridents and fishing rods
        • All other enchantments are handled by the enchanting/anvils/beacons plugin
    • Gamerules:
      • Game rules set with /gamerule should now actually work/function (I originally added the command but not the full functionality)
      • Some game rules can not be modified, you can view a list of these at the bottom of the plugin description (they'll also just throw an error message)
      • Some game rules can be modified but don't actually do anything (Game rules specific to mobs/entities, as they are not fully released yet)
      • Game rules will apply to ALL worlds and will default to MCPE's default values. They will also persist between server restarts
Map Changes
  • Removed Maps:
    • NYC
    • Airplane
    • Academy
    • Airport
    • Baseball
    • Bikinibottom
    • Future City
    • Galakin
    • Highschool
    • Hospital
    • Mansion
    • Notch
    • Olann Island
    • Cops Vs. Robbers
    • Football Stadium
    • Titan City
    • Whitehouse
    • Yanderesim
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