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How to create a LEET server.

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What is Leet.cc ?
Leet, is a Hosting company hosting on ios and android!
Also, it is on the appstore (FOR IOS) and google playstore (FOR ANDROID)

  • How to Install FOR IOS

  1. For IOS users, go to appstore and search Leet
  2. Then click Leet v2, as thats the latest version of leet!
  3. Wait for it to install…
  4. Once installed, go into the app and start making your server!

  • How to Install FOR ANDROID

  1. For android users, go to Google playstore and search up Leet.cc Realms
  2. Install
  3. Once installed, now go make your server!

  • How to make a MCPE Leet server?

  1. Go into leet.cc app!
  2. It should give you a setup if your new to leet.cc!
  3. Follow the steps!
  4. And done!

  • How to Get Credits
Method 1:
  1. Tap on credits.
  2. Tap on Free Credits or Choose your amount by paying credits.
Method 2:
  1. Let players donate to your server. (more info later in this tutorial)

  • How to Install Plugins

  1. Click the plugins button.
  2. Unlock it before purchasing plugins and what nots!
  3. There ya go! Now click the plugins you want!
    Warning, they do cost credits, so make sure you have enough credits!
  4. DONE!

  • How to Op yourself!

  1. Go to leet app
  2. Click the Configure tap!
  3. Click the Administrators/OPs tap!
  4. Add your in-game name

  • How to Change the server Name?

  1. Click on the configure tap!
  2. Click on the Server name tap!
  3. Start editing your server name!
  4. Also, you can make color server name!
    By doing @6Welcome!
    That would make the welcome server name orange!
    For more, look up color codes!

  • How to Donate
    Want to donate to a server?
    Well heres how you donate…

  1. Download Leet.cc Co-Payments app
  2. Install it
  3. Open the app (ONCE INSTALLED)
  4. Fill in the server ip, and ect!
  5. Purchase how much credits you want to donate!
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