I used to have some plugins but now they're locked..


Tree Puncher
3-4 years ago, I unlocked some plugins for my server, the server's still running but I noticed that some of the plugins that I remember I had unlocked back then, are locked again now. I am assuming they got locked again because I didn't had them enabled at the time leet moved from V1 to V2.. or maybe im wrong.. but I am sure I had some of the plugins unlocked that are locked now. Is there any way I can get them back without having to spend the credits to unlock them again? Thanks!


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If the last time to use your server was in LEET version 1, when LEET merged to version 2, inactive LEET accounts have been reset.


Tree Puncher
My account is still active, but the plugins which were inactive/disabled are now locked.. So is there no way I could get them back?