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Official LEET Public Discord

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Staff Member
Hello there, LEET community!

You wanted it for so long, didn’t expect it coming, did you? Well, it’s real and you can join it!

So yes, if you haven’t understood by the title yet, we have decided to create an official Discord server for the public use.

We have rules, however, which can be found in the #rules-and-general-info channel.

Follow the rules and enjoy your time there.

We have worked hard on getting this accomplished and hope you appreciate it.

Of course, there are (some) LEET staff there, I am working on getting more over there. Additionally, the Discord was made recently, so some things are currently being worked on.

JOIN NOW: https://link.leet.cc/discord

Any updates, if necessary, will be made to this thread.

So what are you waiting for?? Join!
Not open for further replies.