Survival Pixel Axis New Start

Hello, my server Pixel Axis has had a remodel, including spawn, the city, and lots of other things! Pixel Axis City is still being worked on and tested with, it will be released to the public soon once the map has been 50% completed(the map is going to be huge). Pixel Axis Skyblock and Pixel Axis Survival Multiplayer are completed and ready to join!

Here are some specs of all 3 servers :D

Pixel Axis SkyBlock

On this SkyBlock server, your imagination is your only limit! You get a free customized island with a fun theme that changes every season! You can invite friends to come and have parties on your island and show them the cool advancements you have made to it! You can also trade items in the trading booths, and buy items in the server shop at spawn! There is also a portal network connecting to other neighboring servers in the Pixel-Verse!
Port: 60756

Pixel Axis City

With buyable houses and properties, to exploring other dimensions, Pixel Axis City extraordinary in lots of ways. It has a floating aircraft as a spawn, with a prison for people who choose the path of criminals, and military bunkers for both good and evil to inhabit, or just average houses for the normal joe. It is always online, and funded by your's truly, and has great lag clearing systems. This server also possesses mini-games such as Tight-rope, Sky-Wars, Put Out The Fire, Micro Battles, Duels, and other fun activities, all you have to do to enter another dimension or mini-game world is enter a portal, which is hidden around the map. These unique portals can be embedded inside massive mountains that you have to explore to the average looking basic school!
Come join in on the adventure at Pixel Axis City!

Server Not Finished yet, released to the public soon! Apply for staff at!
For a preview, just type in the IP and PORT information below into your servers tab!

Pixel Axis Survival MultiPlayer

Have fun with friends on the fun survival multiplayer server, Pixel Axis SMP! You can build anything you can imagine! With shops at spawn, free /fly, and weird amount of Keanu Reeves shrines! You can have loads of fun on this server! Its just like a normal survival world, except it is shared by everyone! It is always online, and the fun never stops 24/7!
Port: 52967