Portals - Movement trigger


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Hey guys I know this is probably a simple thing to do, but I feel like I need to post this for people new to mad commands.

Here's a portal example:

• If someone wanted to get to PvP via a portal, first you build the portal.

• Then you make an area on that portal so /area create pvpportal <break the 2 spots>

• Then you make a command called (name):
/cmd create (name of portal)
/cmd add (name of portal command) ascon move %p% <world> <coordinates>
/cmd add (name of portal command) /warp <warp name>

/cmd create pvp
/cmd add pvp ascon move %p% plots 12 6 8
/cmd create games
/cmd add games /warp gameswarp

• Lastly:
/cmd trigger move to pvpportal pvp

/cmd trigger move
Triggers the move event

- to
Means when a player goes IN the portal instead of OUT of the portal

- pvpportal
This is the land protection name on the portal
- pvp
This is the command that moves the player to where u want them to be, in this case, PvP.

Now whenever someone stands in the portal after about 3-5 seconds, it takes them to PvP.