Super Ban


Tree Puncher
Plugin: Super Ban

What is Super Ban?

It bans the device (UUID) that the user is using instead of the username (/ban) or IP (/ban-ip) making it harder for players to bypass the ban.​

Main Commands

/devban <player> <reason>
Bans the device the user is using so they can’t join the server on that device
/devpardon <player>
Unbans the player’s device they were banned on so they are able to join the server again, you need to write the exact name of player for pardon him/her. The server needs to be restarted for this to work (Turn the server off and on)

Main Permissions

devban.command -​
Description: Allows user to use the devban plugin​
Default: op​

Extra Information
  • Name set for PurePerms: DevBAN
  • Plugin Cost: 1299 credits