Prison unique rankup & mining with madcommand

Welcome to a new and unique way to rankup and mine
where you will meet new player
we have a lot to offer from
● Free and creative plots (need rank B +)
● Create your faction (need rank D +)
● skyblocks island (need rank F +)
● survival world ( freeland)
● Master mine ( one mine for all Ranks )
• every Rank will get their own money when mining
○ /skits - food with armore
○ /axe - this will give special Axe with rank name
○ /skyblock -skyblocks world with rank F and higher
○ /sell -Get the money saved on bank when mining
○ /pg -protect your chest or make it public
○ /effects - BUY effects with you XP level.
• /save - spawn a enderchest when save your items
• /cape ( 3 different capes with cost of $100)in game
join discord ->
for talking, give ideas , and much more.
And much more
Vote will be added soon

● IP - 26077


Description:MasterMiner is a child friendly environment with friendly staff. There is Prestige and is obtainable many ways and when you want to take a break away from mining, you can go play some minigames with friends. If you enjoy PvP you can join a faction or go to the PvP mine. Best of all our server is always open to new ideas and players